This Side Of Eden

This Side Of Eden

…Finding our way home

Why “This Side Of Eden”

We were created for a place we’ve never known…and when we get there, we’ll know it’s home.

Eden.  Paradise.  Heaven.  Call it what you will, but we were created to live there, and we aren’t there now.  Right now, we’re stuck here…on this side of Eden.  It’s almost like we’re locked out.  All is not yet right with the world.  Heaven has not yet crashed into Earth.  Occasionally, we see glimpses of Eden through the gaps in the gate that keeps us out.

That place is written on our hearts, for it is where we were created to be.  And I trust that, some day, that gate will be opened, and we will once again live in paradise.

That is what living on this side of Eden is all about.  Trying to make it home.  Living life in such a way that we stand as close as we can to that gate, trying to catch as many glimpses as we can, until it is opened for us.

I’m glad you could join me on this side of Eden.

Peace to you.

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