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This Side Of Eden

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Where We Miss…

I was listening to a radio interview recently with Baltimore Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph.  They were discussing his ritual of game planning, and one of the questions he was asked was essentially, “When you have to catch for a pitcher at the last minute (maybe someone who has just been called up), what is the one thing that you need to know about him?”

Caleb’s response makes perfect sense to me, but I never would have thought about it.  He said, “I want to know where the pitches will miss.  If his curveball is going to miss, is it tight, or is it loose, etc.”

When I think about my best friends – the four people who know me the best – well, they know where I miss in life.  They know my weakness.  They know my dark places.  They know what makes me tick.  And they are able to notice it, catch it, and call me to the table so it can be corrected.  I thank God for those true friends who help me keep my aim on Christ.

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