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Still a Fan(atic)

In light of recent events, (the Broncos getting crushed in the Super Bowl), I have decided to repost a post a made back in 2007.

I am a Denver Bronco fan.  I will always be a Denver Bronco fan.

It is deeper to me than just the team.

And just as an aside…the family that was reasonably close did get together tonight.  And the others were just a text message away.  The family has even grown quite a bit since I posted first posted this, so it’s nice to carry on traditions.  Once again, the Bronco’s brought us together.  Win or lose…that makes it all worth it.  And I’d be willing to do it all again next year.

Here’s the post, originally from 2007.


I’m a fan of a lot of things. I’m a fan of Billy Joel, U2, college basketball, Tom Petty, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy, chicken…there’s a hundred things that I’m a fan of.

There’s really only one thing that I’m truly fanatic about.

Denver Bronco’s baby. And all that comes along with it.

That means John Elway, Champ Bailey, Mike Shanahan, Jay Cutler, Terrell Davis, Steve Atwater, Jason Elam…Darrent Williams (R.I.P.)…The list goes on, and on, and on……

So, after they lost the final game of the regular season this year, which eliminated them from the playoffs, I really had to stop and think for a moment. Why am I fanatic about the Broncos?

I’ve been a fan for a long…long time. As long as I’ve known what “stardom” was, I’ve associated it with John Elway. I was raised a Bronco fan. For years, as a child, my brothers and I would fight for months, until the football season started, and then, my whole family would unite around the Broncos.

Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost. More often then not the games were nail-biters…going down to the wire. John Elway is the Comeback King, after all.

But my family was always there. I can remember cussing the team up and down one week, and the next week, gathering around the television with a clean slate…a new week. And if they lost a bunch in one year, we always knew there was next year.

I’ve shared the ups and downs with this team. From 3 lost Super Bowls…and then two consecutive Super Bowl wins, (heh, I even got kicked out of a church super bowl party because I wasn’t rooting for Atlanta…it was all good though…I had more fun watching it at home with my father).

All that being said, I found out yesterday that the 363 minute Bronco’s History DVD Collection that I ordered at Christmas has been shipped….and it should be arriving sometime this week. I’m debating whether or not to take a day off of work to watch it. Eh, I wouldn’t actually take a day off.

It’s not often that the entire family gets together anymore. Sure, we all see each other around Christmas and Thanksgiving, but even then, the family comes and goes…and we are rarely ALL there together. The day I come is the day one of my brothers leaves, and then when he comes back, the other brother is gone. It’s rare the 9 members of my immediate family are all together.

So, I’m thinking the Bronco’s will pull this family together at least one more time. We’ll all pick a Saturday, put on our old school Broncos jerseys, sit down, and watch our team.

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  1. That is what the whole sports team is to us…..another way to share the joy……or the disappointment. It is awesome to have something totally inconsequential in our family that we can all share as fan(atic)s….it’s only wierd if it doesn’t work.


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