This Side Of Eden

This Side Of Eden

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(Already) Blessed

I once worked with an older woman who had seven horses.  My allergies invariably kicked up while working with her, but it was fun for a 15 year old, so I continued working even though I had allergies.

One thing nagged at me though.  When the allergies started, I would sneeze.  Now, I’m a multiple sneezer…so I wouldn’t just sneeze once, but several times.  I cannot remember a time when the lady I worked for said “Bless you.”  Eventually, I began to joke.  I would say “Bless me!” after I sneezed.

Invariably this produced a somewhat agitated response of, “You’re already blessed!” from her.

The Truth of that statement still catches me off guard today.

“You’re already blessed!”

Indeed I am.

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