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Seminary (Seminarius)

Currently, I am a student at Asbury Theological Seminary.  After 96 credit hours of courses (of which I’m a little over halfway done), I will graduate with a Masters of Divinity degree.  That being said, many people don’t know what seminary really is.  I get the questions, “What do you learn in seminary?  Is it just reading and talking about a lot of scripture?”

Seminary is far more than studying scripture.  I learned something today that I thought was interesting.  The word seminary stems from the Latin word “Seminarius”, which means seedbed.  So seminary is about generating solid soil.  It’s about nurturing, nourishing, maturing, and fortifying people for a lifetime in ministry.  A seedbed doesn’t just produce plants, but it produces a place for plants to produce more plants.  Seminary, as a “seedbed” means that as seminarians grow and prepare in their experience with God, then they will create space for others to also grow.

Just thought that was an interesting concept…

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