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The Event of Failure

Carmen and I have a new guilty pleasure t.v. show.  It’s called “Preacher’s Daughters”.  It’s pretty silly for the most part, but I became intrigued when I realized that one of the people they are filming was from Spring Hill, and the St. Paul’s in Franklin, where I used to work, is commonly featured on the show.  So that’s kind of cool.

Anyway, most of the time I watch the show (which is, ironically, about preacher’s and their teenage daughters) and I think, “Is this how preacher’s really come across?”

This week, however, one of the daughters was talking to her dad about her fears.  She said she was afraid of failing.  His response, “Failure is an event, not a person.”  I was so struck when I heard that statement.  It is so true, but rarely do I let what that statement really means sink in.  So many times I (and I think we, as well) end up basing my feelings of failure on a given event.  One bad grade, and the world comes crashing in…I’ll refrain from other examples…but you get the point.  Instead of judging an event for itself, we take that event, overlay it onto the entirety of our lives, and begin to let that “failure” of an event define who we are as a person.

Colby (our 5 year old) had a stretch of a few rough days when he started kindergarten.  His comment he would make every morning was, “Today is a new day!  Can’t worry about yesterday!”  While I am trying to teach him responsibility for his actions, I hope he always holds on to that idea…that while he may have a bad day, or make poor decisions, those decisions can be judged in and of themselves and do not cast a final judgement on his life.

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