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Attentive: Lies

Last week was midterms.  It was a pretty busy week…

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, while studying for Greek, I was overcome with fear.  Now, I have an “A” in Greek, and while I want to do well on the midterm, it was an irrational fear of failure.  I did not remember anything…I was going through vocabulary that I’ve known for 6 months, and consistently getting things wrong.  It was a very disheartening feeling.  To the extent that I nearly dropped the class, because of fear of doing poorly on this test (yes, I am crazy enough to consider dropping a class that I have a solid A in).

So I emailed my professor.  Told him what was happening, and he asked to call me.  Of course, I told him he could call.


“Hello, David?”


“This is Brad.  I just want you to know that what you are experiencing is lies.  Do not give in to the lie that you are not good enough.  And that you don’t know anything.  You have a solid grade in the class, you have been preparing, and you need to know that God will overcome this feeling.”

He went on, essentially reassuring me and my abilities.  It was very empowering.  And he gave me permission to put down the books for the day, get away from it, and come back later.

Sometimes we hear the lies, whether they are from Satan, or from this world, or from ourselves, it doesn’t matter.  We hear lies, and we sometimes we live in to them.  The lies become so powerful that we begin to see them as reality…and we allow them to become the author of our lives, rather than God.

What are some of the lies that you’ve been told?  Are there people in your life who help you to combat the lies that you may begin to believe?


I give thanks for Brad, my professor, for the prayer and reassurance…as for the test…well, it wasn’t so bad.


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