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Mighty Works

I wasn’t planning on posting much this week…it’s midterms, and I’m feeling the pressure. However, something in my studying provided a spark.

“In a world where mighty works were accepted more easily than they are today, the problem was not so much whether they actually happened but rather by what power were they done?” (J. Howard Marshall, New Testament Theology, pg. 86)

Jesus performed miracles. But people didn’t question them themselves, they questioned where Jesus got his authority, or what power he tapped into. This is prevalent in Mark’s gospel. The same I think can be said of the apostles.

What is it about today’s world that leaves us less receptive to the mighty works that God is doing? Do you see any of those mighty works? When seemingly amazing things happen, are we asking the right questions? Are we asking if it was from God, and giving glory appropriately?

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