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Attentive: Created

I am struck sometimes by how different types of art can tell our stories…

I have a close friend, who, after breaking up with her boyfriend spent the evening with Carmen and I painting words on a canvas that expressed her feelings.  The end product was pretty beautiful.  Just words, but the colors, the expression…it was pretty powerful to see.

Carmen has a knack for drawing pictures of Jesus.  In these pictures, Jesus is usually wounded…the crown of thorns, a few stains of blood.  Again, very powerful to see.  I have to imagine the that the process she goes through to make those pictures somehow includes the wounded-ness of her own heart.  I can’t imagine being able to just make those creations without tapping into our own wounds.

I am not a visual artist myself.  I’ve tried.  Lots of times.  There’s probably a blog or two about that coming…but visual arts are just not my thing.  I am a writer…at least when it comes to tapping into my creativity.  I always feel like I have to draw “well”…so it’s never good enough (trust me…it’s terrible).  However, I never feel like I have to write well.  I feel like I can just write…and whatever comes out, is my offering.

We were made in the image of God, our creator.  In my mind, one of the most important things we can do, is create!  I think that’s why art, be it drawing, photography, writing, music, etc. is so important to each of us.  On some level, as we create, we tap into a greater story.  It actually becomes a form of spiritual discipline, allowing us to bring our prayers and offerings to God.

Do you have any experience with this?  What are the “creative” outlets in your life?  Do you get the sense that your creativity connects you in any way with God?

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