This Side Of Eden

This Side Of Eden

…Finding our way home


When I first met Kevin I think we were both nervous.  We had arrived as Asbury Theological Seminary, and were staying in the townhouses for a few weeks while the dorms were being renovated.  We didn’t come out of our own rooms very much for the first few weeks.

When we finally did come out of our rooms, we hit it off pretty well.  But when we finally discovered that we would be roommates in the dorm itself, thinks really began to click.

While we’ve hardly known each other for two years, it is one of those life-long friendships…the kind that feels like we’ve grown up together.


Kev, Dav, Colb

I can’t think of anyone else that I would like to share the experience of blogging with…so, Kevin new has an account with this side of Eden, and you may see posts from him occasionally.

Welcome to This Side of Eden, Kevin.  The journey home has been a lot more fun and meaningful with you in it.

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  1. Love this….and love that picture…you and your family have been a great blessing to our lives!


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