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Attentive: Darkness to Light

The poetic nature of the book of Genesis has an interesting refrain…”There was evening, and there was morning.”

The blog has a new look now.  If you are visiting the first time, my wife says it used to looked scary.  Black…with orange-ish, red-ish writing.  It was dark…  But as I mentioned in an early post, New Look…New Attitude, life for me isn’t as dark as it used to be…the sun has risen!

The tradition in Jewish faith is to actually begin the day at sunset of the previous day…this belief stems from the scriptures in Genesis mentioned above.  But theologically, I think it is important also.  It allows for the move from darkness to light each day…much like our journey toward God.

We begin in the darkness on This Side Of Eden, and as God calls us closer, and we approach, the light from Eden begins to shine upon us.  This blog is an example of that for me.

What are some of the things in your life that have been in darkness, but are now being exposed to the light?

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  1. basketball……March madness!!


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