This Side Of Eden

This Side Of Eden

…Finding our way home

New Look…New Attitude

For a long time I’ve lived in darkness.

Or at least I’ve represented my life that way on this blog…

And to some extent that’s been true.  If you’ve followed from the beginning…hello mother…then you’ll know a bit of the journey that I’ve been on.  This Side of Eden started with a separation from my wife, subsequent divorce, and many life-altering events.

That was nearly 5 years ago.  Interestingly, my first post was entitled “Rebirth”.  In retrospect, rebirth was what I hoped for, but I believe that has only now finally occurred.

We’re still on This Side of Eden.  We haven’t made it home yet.  But, for me at least, I’m catching the glimpses more frequently as I peer through fog…life isn’t as dark as it used to be.

So here’s to a new look.  A brighter reflection of the life we called to live into.  A brighter reflection of the attitude I’m receiving by the grace of God.  There are some thoughts whisping in my mind (kind of like Dumbledore and the pensieve) about how life… and this blog… may be different, other than the look…more to come as those thoughts become a bit more tangible.

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