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Apple Pie

I haven’t had apple pie in a long time.  To be honest, I don’t like pie very much…there just seems to be so many other desserts out there.

But the last time I had apple pie was probably my grandmothers…which was supreme apple pie (even though I don’t like pie, I did like THAT pie).  I remember how dinner wasn’t over until we had our pie.  I remember how grandpa would always ask for “just a sliver” every time.  Apple pie reminds me of those times.

So, today, when I walked past the student center, I was offered a full apple pie, still warm.  Don’t know how or why I was offered, but it was there, so I accepted.  I have two roommates in my townhouse (dorms are currently being renovated, so townhouse for the time being), and while we have this fantastic living space, the three of us have mostly confined ourselves to our rooms.

Until tonight, with apple pie.  It brought out great conversation, one roommate asked for only a small piece, (“a sliver” I had to think to myself), and it just reminded me a bit of home.

I may start liking apple pie after all.

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