This Side Of Eden

This Side Of Eden

…Finding our way home


I’ve met about 130 people.

I’ve shared the standard “get to know you” questions with at least 50 of them.

Tomorrow, I will remember the names of perhaps 4 of them.

I’ve eaten, I’ve played, I’ve prayed, I’ve worshiped.

I haven’t studied…yet.

I’m tired of small talk, and yearning for the depth that I know will come with time.

I’m tired, but probably won’t sleep much.

And as I’m writing this…I have one new facebook friend request.  Thanks Brian.  Make that 5 names I’ll remember tomorrow.

All that said, it completely feels like home.  I’m glad I’ve arrived.

Oh…and by Brian, I meant Bryan.  At least it would have sounded the same.

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