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Held Safe

I’ve thrown lots of fits at my parents. I’ve thrown even more fits at God. “Some of the most remarkable prayers in the legacy of liturgy and literature are arguments with God, the best of them strenuous, bold, and even brash with the presumption of children who take on parents in unequal battle, somehow knowing… (read more)

Crossing Guards

Sometimes we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  That’s understandable.  Occasionally, we will just wake up in a bad mood, and carry that mood into our day. Colby is just finishing up Kindergarten.  Every day that I have dropped him off at school we have passed one of two crossing guards… (read more)

Seminary (Seminarius)

Currently, I am a student at Asbury Theological Seminary.  After 96 credit hours of courses (of which I’m a little over halfway done), I will graduate with a Masters of Divinity degree.  That being said, many people don’t know what seminary really is.  I get the questions, “What do you learn in seminary?  Is it… (read more)

The Event of Failure

Carmen and I have a new guilty pleasure t.v. show.  It’s called “Preacher’s Daughters”.  It’s pretty silly for the most part, but I became intrigued when I realized that one of the people they are filming was from Spring Hill, and the St. Paul’s in Franklin, where I used to work, is commonly featured on… (read more)

Mighty Works

I wasn’t planning on posting much this week…it’s midterms, and I’m feeling the pressure. However, something in my studying provided a spark. “In a world where mighty works were accepted more easily than they are today, the problem was not so much whether they actually happened but rather by what power were they done?” (J…. (read more)

New Creations

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away’ behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). I’ve been reading recently about personality types.  While sometimes I have often struggled with things like the Myers Briggs test, occasionally it can be helpful.  In reading through a brief… (read more)

God’s Word

For seminary I am writing a small paper on the inclusion of John 7:53-8:11 (The woman caught in adultery) in the Gospels. It is an interesting discussion, and in reality, the text was probably NOT a part of the actual document. The earliest manuscripts do not have it included. Some older manuscripts do include the… (read more)

New Look…New Attitude

For a long time I’ve lived in darkness. Or at least I’ve represented my life that way on this blog… And to some extent that’s been true.  If you’ve followed from the beginning…hello mother…then you’ll know a bit of the journey that I’ve been on.  This Side of Eden started with a separation from my… (read more)

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