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Where We Miss…

I was listening to a radio interview recently with Baltimore Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph.  They were discussing his ritual of game planning, and one of the questions he was asked was essentially, “When you have to catch for a pitcher at the last minute (maybe someone who has just been called up), what is the… (read more)


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  – Lao Tzu The question I ask myself is “In what direction should that next step be?”  And so, even though I know the journey begins with one step, I still find myself frozen.  Perhaps the trick is to take a step, in any direction,… (read more)

Still a Fan(atic)

In light of recent events, (the Broncos getting crushed in the Super Bowl), I have decided to repost a post a made back in 2007. I am a Denver Bronco fan.  I will always be a Denver Bronco fan. It is deeper to me than just the team. And just as an aside…the family that… (read more)

(Already) Blessed

I once worked with an older woman who had seven horses.  My allergies invariably kicked up while working with her, but it was fun for a 15 year old, so I continued working even though I had allergies. One thing nagged at me though.  When the allergies started, I would sneeze.  Now, I’m a multiple… (read more)


When I first met Kevin I think we were both nervous.  We had arrived as Asbury Theological Seminary, and were staying in the townhouses for a few weeks while the dorms were being renovated.  We didn’t come out of our own rooms very much for the first few weeks. When we finally did come out… (read more)

Problem Solved…

I don’t know what it is about the anniversary of the death of Grandparent’s that spurs me to write.  It was two years ago today that my Grandmother died.  I remember writing a few years ago before she died about an experience I had with her.  I wrote the post, I have a problem with… (read more)

Apple Pie

I haven’t had apple pie in a long time.  To be honest, I don’t like pie very much…there just seems to be so many other desserts out there. But the last time I had apple pie was probably my grandmothers…which was supreme apple pie (even though I don’t like pie, I did like THAT pie). … (read more)


I’ve met about 130 people. I’ve shared the standard “get to know you” questions with at least 50 of them. Tomorrow, I will remember the names of perhaps 4 of them. I’ve eaten, I’ve played, I’ve prayed, I’ve worshiped. I haven’t studied…yet. I’m tired of small talk, and yearning for the depth that I know… (read more)

The Three Monks of Tolstoy

“Three Russian monks lived on a faraway island.  Nobody ever went there, but one day their bishop decided to make a pastoral visit.  When he arrived he discovered that the monks didn’t even know the Lord’s Prayer.  So he spent all his time and energy teaching them the “Our Father” and then left, satisfied with… (read more)

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